About FNPS

Brief Introduction of Feng-nian Elementary School

        Feng-nian Elementary School is located in Feng-nian Village which is home to most of the Amis people in Taitung City. Feng-nian Village in the Amis language is called “Siasiloai” which means tangerines. This place once belonged to the Amis tribe. The place got its name from the many tangerine trees all around. The Amis people belong to a matriarchal society. They are simple and optimistic. Their pure voices and original dance blend with the winds and waves. Their lives and festivals merge with nature. The school was established in 1955. It was once a branch school of Kangle Elementary School. It became an independent school in 1963. In 2004, the school was rebuilt and started using the new buildings in 2008. There are 99 students in total including six classes in the elementary school and one class in the kindergarten. 75% of the students are indigenous and of these students almost 80% are Amis.

        Feng-nian Elementary School used to be famous for Junior League Baseball. The school has trained a lot of good baseball players. However, because of Taiwan’s low birth rate and a shortage of funds, the school is now devoted to the program “One Person, One Instrument, One Sport.” Each student will learn one musical instrument and one sport. Besides this program and the regular school curriculums,
the school has a recorder team, table tennis team, and war drum team. The recorder team has won a lot of prizes not only in Taitung County but also in Southern Taiwan, and the war drum team is often invited to perform for opening ceremonies. Moreover, because the current principal emphasizes art education, there are a lot of beautiful paintings in the school. The paintings are all about the indigenous people. Some paintings tell the stories about the famous sightseeing places in Taitung.

        Due to the effort of previous principals and all the school faculty, the students in Feng-nian Elementary School gradually learn a lot of knowledge. The teachers work hard on teaching. The students work hard on learning. Everyone works hard on creating a good environment for learning. Most of the parents in Feng-nian Elementary School are farmers. They are simple and honest. The school lies in the community therefore the school and the community are very close. Parents and people from the community care about the school very much and they provide almost everything for the school. With them, the school will have a bright future.
        Feng-nian Elementary School believes that everyone can learn and everyone can learn well. It always provides a warm and caring environment for all the students and teachers. The school greets everyone around the world. Come and enjoy the beauty of the school.